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Sporting Smiles Custom Made Night Guards

Sporting Smiles Custom Made mouth guard for sleeping are made from FDA-approved materials and are delivered directly to you. These products are made to provide you with the highest level of protection. Here is a brief explanation of what these products do for you. Read on to learn about how they protect your eyes and why you should get one today. You’ll be glad you did! And remember that they’re FDA-approved and made to last for years!

Sporting Smiles Custom Made Night Guards are FDA-approved

Sporting Smiles Custom Made Night Guards are made from materials and methods approved by the FDA. These custom guards are made of ISO-certified plastics that are BPA-free, recyclable, and non-allergenic. They protect the teeth and prevent grinding, and are designed to help patients sleep comfortably. Patients can take impressions of their teeth in the privacy of their own homes, and a dentist will design a custom night guard for them.

They are made of FDA-approved materials

While it’s not mandatory that a company create a custom-made night guard, it’s always better to use one that has received approval from the FDA. Some companies are even FDA-approved, which makes them more reputable and trustworthy. A few examples of companies that have received FDA approval include ProTeethGuard and Night Guards For Kids. Both of these companies use FDA-approved materials and offer a money-back guarantee.

They are delivered to the patient

Custom Made nightguards are specially designed to fit over the teeth without affecting the patient’s breathing or speaking. They are also very comfortable and can be easily slipped into the mouth. They should be removed before eating or drinking, as these beverages can cause build-up of bacteria on the teeth. The guard is normally delivered to the patient with a carrying case. The patient should follow certain precautions while wearing it, including avoiding alcohol and using relaxation techniques.

They offer the highest level of protection

There are many different types of night guards, and each one is made for a specific individual. Because teeth are unique, no one guard will fit everyone. Various types are available depending on your particular teeth and the severity of your grinding. Additionally, night guards are highly durable and will help protect your teeth and prevent tooth wear and tear. Moreover, a custom-made guard will also help relieve jaw tension, which can be a serious problem if you grind your teeth.

They are not covered by insurance

While some insurance companies cover bruxism treatment, some do not. Some cover the dental kit and lab fees but not night guards. Still, some will cover a portion or all of the cost of the night guard. Whether you can get your custom-made night guard covered by your insurance policy depends on your specific plan. If you think your insurance company won’t cover your custom-made night guard, ask your provider.

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